Rev. Carl Wergyn Bennett
Christian Prayer Healing
 Are you suffering from chronic pain, illness, injury, infection, or  depression?

 Are you searching for a hands-off healing method that works from the  Source?

Contact me - you may benefit from a session.

In the winter of 2009, I was asked by a member of the Minnesota Vikings football team to perform an absentee healing on his injured knee. As a Reiki Master Teacher since 1999 (and an ordained minister since 1996), I thought this would be just another Reiki healing.  

What I witnessed in a prayerful meditation may sound unbelievable, but the overall vision has been consistent with every session since: Father, Son, & Holy Spirit appeared as a brilliant presence, directing me through a fantastic voyage of the muscles, blood flow, bones, & nerves.  I then witnessed the "hand of Jesus" bring wholeness to the athlete's knee, and spark a quick recovery.  

The Viking was off the bench & actively participating in the games in a few weeks.

I later learned that this experience is known in Christianity as Healing Prayer or speaking The Word, or in the New Age belief, "Medical Intuitive" healing. 

My clients have ranged from children to seniors, athletes to computer techs, and a variety of domestic animals; always with the helping hand of Christ & His smiling wisdom.

This Healing works initially on the physical level, and I'll also receive additional information for you on diet, activities, spiritual guidance, etc.

Although I communicate & work with the Christian belief of the Holy Trinity, you do not need to be a Christian to be healed with this method.  Your willingness to ask is a doorway to your personal belief.

It's a method of personal focused prayer...

DISCLAIMER:  This Healing is not intended to replace conventional medical practice, prescriptions, & advice from a physician or other therapist.  It is intended to be a catalyst for healing.  The speed of healing varies from case to case.
All suggestions made by Rev. Carl are intended only as suggestions, not as requirements or prescriptions, for general improvement of health & well-being.  Check with your primary care physician or therapist before beginning any changes in exercise, diet, or supplements.

**All consultations are strictly confidential.**

“My surgeon was expecting to perform a two-hour surgery on my shoulder...only needed to work for 20 minutes...he was mystified.” - AW

“For the first time in years, I awoke without pain in my neck. I still don't have the pain, after all these months. Thank you!” - GM

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